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Featherlocks Feather Hair Extensions
The beautiful, fast and fabulous way to add oomph and style to your hair. Featherlocks feather hair extensions are actual feathers available in an array of colors that are easily and inexpensively applied to your hair to add subtle or dramatic highlights without damage or altering color.
A new and simple chemical-free technique utilizes silicone bead technology which allows a licensed stylist to safely apply as many or as few Featherlocks to create a subtle or dramatic effect. And because they come in an array of colors, there is no limit to the imagination or desired effect.

Featherlocks feather hair extensions are made of only the highest quality feathers. Made to last, Featherlocks will not fatigue under styling conditions, they can be washed, dried, flat-ironed or curled.
Featherlocks Feather Hair Extensions
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